For your own good, stop trying to look for “free” developers

For those who have ideas and go around looking for “partner” developers – know that developers have their own, and sometimes more awesome, ideas.

Unless the developer is just starting out, he/she gets flooded with such requests everyday that he/she is immune to your kind of request.

If you are looking for developers to help you develop your idea as a “partner”, at least mention:

1. Briefly what the idea is about, or in what industry
2. Why you? Any other person can have the same idea

Expanding on the second point:

Know that if you need to safe-guard your idea and not dare to tell anyone as your way of preventing competition, then you are mistaken.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world come up with the same idea every day. The only ones worth doing are those by people who has the knowhow or experience to do a good execution.

If you just say you have some idea and want someone to develop it for you for equity, that’s the surest way of getting a more inexperienced developer and the surest path to failure. Seasoned developers whom you need are all sick and tired of hearing such requests.

Success do not come from ideas. Success comes from execution. Convince developers why you are the best person to execute your idea.

Seasoned developers do not give a donkey’s ass about your idea. They care about who you are, what resources and network you have and how likely you can succeed.

If you are not serious enough about the idea to put your own money in compensating a developer’s work, then you are simply not confident about its success. Posts about looking for developer “partners” drive good developers away from you, not towards.

Idea is cheap. But execution is the key. This is why we do not have 1 million ubers in the world.







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