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  • The followers and the leaders

    We have a leadership succession problem. It seems to be incredibly hard to find youths who could serve as our future leaders.We can start by encouraging the youth to think about the people, the society and the policies around them. Many just live in their own comfortable lives and don’t give a single shit to…

  • @Roosevelt’s Diner & Bar

    So TasteBuds’ Country Manager Alvin was invited to Roosevelt’s for media tasting. I’ve read good things about this new establishment and decided to tag along to enjoy the food. Amanda, the Marketing Manager at Roosevelt’s was quick to comply. Here’s a shout out to Amanda for the kind invite! Tucked away in a quiet corner…

  • To Juniors: Graduating liao? So? What’s next?

    [post_intro]For the past few days, my Facebook was filled with various declaration of triumph: “Graduate loh! Last presentation loh! Last class loh!” Many of you will be graduating with crazy internship stints, various positions in CCAs and ex-co, or even with crazy GPA and think that your future is secure. Some of you who are…

  • 30 Pilots And Flight Attendants Confess The Best Kept Secrets You Don’t Know About Flying

    Viralquake posted a question to readers: Flight Attendants, pilots, or engineers, what are some secrets that passengers don’t know when you ride on planes? Read more

  • Relationships are built through hardships, not on a bed of roses. The former forms a lasting bond, the later just makes you fall in love the concept of being in love. -weikiat

  • An Advice From a Local Managing Director to Fresh Graduates

    The founder & Managing Director of a publicly listed F&B company shared this about his younger days: When I was a fresh graduate, I did 3 times the amount of work I was paid for. I involved myself in everything. I have this friend who joined the workforce the same time as me, but he…

  • Earnings and success

    “How much you earn is not a measure of your success. It is a result of the things you are willing to do for money.” – weikiat