An Advice From a Local Managing Director to Fresh Graduates

The founder & Managing Director of a publicly listed F&B company shared this about his younger days:

When I was a fresh graduate, I did 3 times the amount of work I was paid for. I involved myself in everything. I have this friend who joined the workforce the same time as me, but he always leave work on time and spent all his extra time on mahjong.

In one year, I accumulated working experience that others would have taken 3 years to accumulate. Now, I am the boss of a publicly listed F&B while he is still playing mahjong.

When you are young, don’t be so fussy about how much you are doing for the company, or whether the pay is worth your the amount of time you spend at work. When you work, you learn, and what you learn is something that you take and keep in you. It will stay with you for life. The company gains, yes. But this is not just about the company. This is about you too. This is your reason for working when you are young.

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