Carousell’s Series B

To me, a startup can only get away from trying to generate revenue for so long. The true test comes when they try, and perhaps they have been holding out trying until they get a long enough runway, which is now, getting their Series B.
The best way to boost valuation is to hide the revenue and pitch based on words and “potential” alone. That’s the SV way.
As with my earlier post, if they can demonstrate that monetization works, then cheaper competitors will appear to erode their revenues.
The classified landscape in 2016 is very different from 2012 when Carousell first launched, yet Carousell’s value proposition to both sides of the market (sellers and buyers) has remained unchanged for 4 years.
There are now tonnes of classified platforms out there with similar experiences.
With user experiences and convenience not really being an edge, and users traditionally not used to paying anything to use classifieds, it will also be a uphill battle for Carousell to turn on the monetization switch.

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